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We are what we imagined ourselves to be.

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From The Structured IT Solution & Maintenance to Alternative Energy & Manufacturing

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Contact S I T S today for more information or telephone +44 (0) 844 660 7487.

Welcome to S I T S

S I T S was founded in 2004; delivering bespoke IT systems & maintenance, catering for small, medium and multi-national corporations.

To meet today’s complex business challenges, our unique workflow and highly collaborative approach optimizes and transforms your business, meeting your business expectations. Our experience and knowledge has grown to provide other demanding services, from web design to bespoke engineered product, understanding their specific needs and creating custom made solutions. S I T S has ventured around the globe, increasing collaborative partners and reflecting a greater degree of product knowledge. Today S I T S provides specialist services for: retail, education, government and corporate entity systems. Our success for the greater part has been achieved by our unique workflow formulation and superior product knowledge.

Contact Us

Contact Surge ITS If you would like to get in touch with S I T S, please fill out the Online Form, Direct Chat or Telephone us on +44 (0) 844 660 7487 for more information on our services. Send us a message

What We Do

Structured Solution

Our aim at S I T S is to provide our customers with a complete IT solution, A Structured IT Solution; so that they can concentrate on the day to day running of their business. We can start your business off from the bare-bone cabling, the hardware integration to maintenance and technical support. One of our primary services that S I T S offers its customers is Maintenance & Technical Support; as with any computer system no matter how robust it is, there will be times when these systems undergo various technical problems. At S I T S we are able to offer customers help and support in resolving problems related to their computers and/or network; whether they are installed by S I T S or by a third party vendor. However the benefits of troubleshooting and fixing a system that has been installed by us is that it can be resolved more efficiently and in less time than a third party installation.

  • Cabling Installation & Network: is installed and set-up.
  • Testing Network: is tested and tweaked to ensure optimum performance.
  • Maintenance: A maintenance schedule is agreed to monitor the network.
  • Call Logging: Calls are logged when there are problems.
  • Remote Support: Engineer dials in to check whether problem can be fixed remotely.
  • Site Visit Engineer: is called on-site to diagnose and fix problem.

Structured Maintenance

The effective management and the smooth running of your organisation is dependent on how your data, applications, printers, cabling and network security apparatus are arranged and managed; the overemphasis of hardware/software can hinder business continuance, working on a structured level of IT support gives your business a chance to continue a smooth workflow environment. S I T S provides a Structured Maintenance that is tailor made for you, putting into consideration the unique requirements of your business and budget. Please go ahead and use our online chat facility or ring us directly.

Web Design

Development Solutions:

Our mission critical development methodology to expedite project completion without compromising on quality – makes us a reliable partner to take up large custom web development projects that address mission critical business situations.

Intranet/Extranet Solutions:

Intranets and Extranets allow you to connect and strengthen the existing links between customers, suppliers, partners and employees. We can make E-business work for you by web-enabling your existing technology infrastructure to work in Internet, Intranet and Extranet environments.

Web Design:

We perform a “Professional Web Design Analysis” to ensure information architecture, intuitive site structure, interface design, balanced colour scheme, visual design, and consistency of the website; Transform internal business communications and processes.

Website Maintenance:

We offer packages that allow you to completely outsource website maintenance or we can set up administration pages and databases that allow non-technical personnel to add and change various areas of your site. Definition Clients are interviewed, business and technology objectives are defined, and target markets identified. Design Code, content, and user interface are designed. Development Databases, code, and user interface components are created and tested. Deployment The product is user tested, launched, and next steps are discussed.


S I T S in collaboration with M-Tron Corporation to bring you MEGA-ASSET, a multi purpose asset management system. Mega-Asset is a versatile Asset Management System developed using solid Microsoft Technology, providing the capability for effective but user friendly methodology to control, track and monitor assets like: Computer hardware, Software, Vehicles, Books, Furniture, Mobile Phones, Stock, Warrantees ETC… With endless possibilities, you can customize and track virtually anything you desire, empowering your organisation.

  • Versatile Asset Management
  • Web-Enabled Database
  • Easy user-interface
  • No compromise on quality


S I T S in collaboration with private security firms; To bring you, security systems we customized for your needs. Protecting your business from intruders is of paramount importance. It is not just the financial loss a break-in can cause, but also the disruption to your business. Many companies do not consider the full implications of a break in until it is too late. As a company established by experienced engineers, we know quality matters. Only recognized and proven equipment is installed, with almost eighty percent of this equipment manufactured in Britain. Our Security Solutions cater for both the Domestic and Commercial sectors and we pride ourselves in providing the best solutions for you. Our strong selling point would be seen as excellent friendly service which has served us so well up to now, with 80% of our growth coming from existing customers and personal recommendation. Honesty and reliability has provided us with our long term client base.

  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Door Entry
  • Automated Gates
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Fire Alarms

Alternate Energy

We focus on developing alternative energy technology to power our world. We are motivated by a belief that science and technology, guided by purpose and vision, can deliver new energy resources that are clean, reliable, and secure. Alternative Energy have great potential to benefit our nation. They can diversify our energy supply, reduce our dependence on imported fuels, improve the quality of the air we breathe, offset greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate our economy by creating jobs in the manufacturing and installation of Alternate Energy systems. There are a number of Alternative Energy Solutions that could comfortably co-exist and integrate within your organisation, saving your organisation money as well as helping and joining the eco-energy force of the UK to create a cleaner and more efficient environment to live in. Products that could expand and change the way you live can range from a simple solar Mobile Phone Carry Case, a Solar Laptop Bag going onto Healthy Infra Red Heating.

  • Concentrating Solar Power
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar Heating
  • Solar Lighting


The foundation of Direct Manufacturing dates back to 2004. Since this beginning, S I T S has always focused on the choice of materials and established a total production system from raw materials to the finished product, through research and development. Its processes include designing, forming suitability for functionality, processing with sophisticated processing technology, analysis, simulation and quality testing. Every process intricately interfaces with processes behind and ahead. Whenever we explore new technologies, whenever we try to solve a problem, we come up with the optimal method through close communications between each of the processes. The knowledge accumulated in this fashion is S I T S greatest asset. We have manufactured for numerous industries, at a bespoke level; our understanding today has grown substantially from the electronics market, steel and furniture. Feel free to contact us for further information

How things work with S I T S

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